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“The Journey” – E07: Funky/Groove/Jackin’ House

In episodul cu numarul 7 al “The Journey” am ales piese numai bune pentru o zi de ride pe ski sau snowboard. Printre artisti se numara: Crazibiza, Marc Palacios, DJ Kone, Me & My Toothbrush.

Enjoy the ride!


1. Forgiveness (original Club mix) by Me & My Toothbrush
2. Come Together (Crazibiza remix) by Andrey Exx & Nytron
3. Tender Love by DJ Kone & Marc Palacios
4. Disco Samurai by Doii
5. That Same Feeling (Luca Debonaire remix) by Crazibiza, Block & Crown
6. Rockyroad (Club mix) by Omr & Adry
7. Bomfunk by Deniz Kabu
8. Eternity (original mix) by Sante Cruze
9. Bwithu (Sante Cruze extended mix) by Sultan, Tommyboy
10. Hands Off (original Club mix) by Me & My Toothbrush
11. Deep Down by Gio Goose
12. Inside Out by Rescue
13. There’s No Justice by Block, Crown, Kaippa
14. Rockin Beats by Stefan Elray
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